Worship Schedule


8:00 am - Holy Eucharist Rite I (spoken)

10:30 am - Holy Eucharist Rite II (sung)


6:30 pm - Evening Prayer (spoken)

Nursery care is provided during both worship services every Sunday for children (infants through age 3).

Worship Links

Sunday readings can be found at the U.S. Episcopal Church's Revised Common Lectionary webpage.

All services are conducted according to The Book of Common Prayer, 1979.

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  Realizing Our Potential and God's Call to Us

--A Unified Strategy for Ministry and Membership Development for St. Luke's Church--            

The Good News

St. Luke's is thriving! We are blessed with a re-established and growing Sunday School and Music Ministry.     We have over 40 core and emerging parish ministries. We have an increasing number of highly motivated newcomers, representing all ages, who are looking for ways to deepen their faith and serve; and most importantly, a genuine Spirit of Love and positive energy pervades our communal life! 

The Way Forward

The Rector and Vestry have developed a strategic plan – a unified vision - to realize the full potential of            St. Luke's membership and ministries. This strategic plan will focus on 1) staffing, 2) ministry development,  and 3) facilities/grounds.  As our next step will be to create the following positions:

1)       Director of Communications & Connectivity :  We aim to hire a professional who will be dedicated to the quality design and coherence of all parish communications, develop our website and social media capacity--including podcasting & streaming sermons, music, and educational events--and increase St. Luke's visibility in the larger community.

Click Here for Director of Communications and Connectivity Job Description

2)      Associate Rector for Leadership Development & Vocational Discovery:  We seek to hire a priest with extensive parish experience and specialized training in congregational development.  In addition to working closely with lay leaders and parishioners, this clergy person will participate fully in preaching, teaching, liturgical and pastoral duties.  We anticipate this new priest will provide much needed collegial support to Fr. Abshire.

Click Here for Associate Rector for Leadership Development & Vocational Discovery Job Description

Click Here for CSU Vision Statement

The Future is Now

We have committed to financial strategies that capitalize on:

1)      our substantial assets and past gifts & legacies

2)      future increasing pledges from a growing congregation

3)      a new Unified Vision Fund for current members to make special contributions.

More details on the strategic vision and financial strategies to support it will be shared very soon.


Thank your for your faithful commitment to St. Luke's – see you this summer!